Rake Technologies inc.

Exoskeleton and Prosthetics Technolgies

Rake Technologies create system components for exoskeleton devices and prosthetic limbs. We use our novel actuator system to create unpowered/passive devices and when combining with powered exoskeleton systems we create hybrid devices.


Rake Technologies creates unpowered exoskeletons using a passive exoskeletal system called LUCAS.LUCAS, is a tension balancing system that acts as passive artificial muscle mass designed to be manipulated its user.
Specifically, LUCAS mimics isometric muscle contractions that follow its users movements providing more muscle actions throughout the specified range of motion.

Our Efforts

We work to make exoskeleton technologies more accessible, making devices that are practical for use beyond specific use cases.


Rake Technologies specializes in exoskeleton technology integration. Creating hybrid exo/orthotic and exo/prosthetic devices.Check out some of our device variations below


Here are several of our devices types we currently work with.

Device Types


Rake Technologies is a Delaware based C-corporation, located in Winter Garden FLContact us at [email protected] for further inquiries into our Technolgies and our development efforts.

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